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Institut für Psychologie


Information on the Institute of Psychology

The Institute of Psychology

The Institute of Psychology, which hosts about 1100 students, is part of the Faculty of Human Sciences.

The  Institute consists of 7 departments, covering the following areas in terms of teaching and ongoing research activities: General  Psychology, Media Psychology, Neuropsychology, Work & Organizational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology and PSychotherapy, Social and Legal Psychology, Personality Psychology, Diagnostics and Quantitative Methods. There are about 100 persons in the teaching and research staff, including assistant professors, full professors and 7 senior professors.

In our school, we try the best we can to personally and individually care for incoming students.

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For questions regarding your studies

Contact person:

Mrs Irène Gonce
Department of Psychology
Fabrikstrasse 8
3012 Berrn
Tel. +41 31 631 54 32

For general questions:

International Office
Hochschulstrasse 4
CH-3012 Bern
Tel. +41 31 631 4175